"A Yoga class at Mudita is not just a stretching and exercise class - though it certainly can be! - but a holistic practice of movement, breath, and conscious awakening that ripples out into all the ways I interact with my body, my mind, my family, my community." - Karen



Open Yoga

Attention . Movement . Breath

The key elements of an open class are yoga postures, mindfulness practices and breathing exercises. Attention is given to physical as well as mental practices. 

Philosophical teachings are also woven into the mix, with a different focus each month (Experiment of the Month). This combination of movement, mindfulness and self-inquiry gives yoga postures meaning, context and value beyond exercise, offering you an invigorating, complete, and rich mind-body experience.


gentle yoga

Mindful . Spacious . Easeful

The essence of our Gentle class is the same as Open Yoga. The pace is slower, the emphasis on the breath is stronger and there may or may not be sun salutations. This slow pace gives you the space to feel your breath and be with your experience in each posture. 



Integrate . Connect . Empower

The Pilates method has long been used for improving function, focus, and strength. It is also used as a key component in many physical therapies and rehabilitation practices. Here is your chance to learn and practice the fundamentals of Pilates and integrate them into your yoga practice and your life.



Stillness. Strength . Focus

meditation a integral element of a yoga practice. We offer several different meditation approaches, Shamatha Meditation, Zen Meditation and MIndfulness Meditation. Each style has its own feel and tone. And each style at its core is the same. Paying attention on purpose, without imagining or analyzing. Slowing down mentally. Moving towards peace.


yin yoga

Juicy . Still . Nurturing

Simple and gentle held postures - holding in each position for 3 minutes or more. These juicy long holds help to hydrate and take care of our connective tissue (tendons, ligaments and fascia). And the stillness is an opportunity to practice mindfulness, turning the physical practice into a meditation. 



A mindful slow pace, a little slower than our Gentle class, with a few minutes of meditation at the beginning and end. 



Kundalini Yoga

Pure . Authentic . Effective

Kundalini yoga is a technology that directs energy by using mantra (sound current), breath work, kriyas (sets of postures), meditations, and gong sound healing. It alters the functioning of the brain and body into a positive, vital direction.



Core Yoga

Foundation. Strength . Care

What is the core?

Is it the energetic middle of us? Is it our emotional center? Is it our physical foundation or base of operations? Yes!

The core of our body-mind is a link, a multitude of function, and a rich site of information. It needs conditioning and care. In this class we will work with the anatomical, energetic, and visceral core. We will condition core structures for processing information about our inner and outer environments, suppleness to allow for movement and breath, and strength to help us live our lives with vitality. Harness the power and intelligence of your core to support your yoga, mindfulness, and self care practices.