"A Yoga class at Mudita is not just a stretching and exercise class - though it certainly can be! - but a holistic practice of movement, breath, and conscious awakening that ripples out into all the ways I interact with my body, my mind, my family, my community." - Karen



Open Yoga

Balance . Breathe . Move

The key elements of an open class are yoga postures, mindfulness practices, breath awareness and relaxation. We bring all these aspects of yoga together to promote health, focus, flexibility and calm. Our Focus of the Month (FOM) is also woven into the mix. This balanced combination gives the physical practice meaning, context and value beyond exercise, offering you an invigorating, complete, and rich mind-body experience.


gentle yoga

Mindful . Spacious . Supportive

The elements of our gentle class are the same as the Open class. The pace is slower, the emphasis on the breath is stronger and there may or may not be sun salutations. This slow pace gives you the space and the freedom to really feel your breath and be with your mental and physical experience in each posture. 


A mindful slow pace with a few minutes of meditation at the begfining and end of each class.


Kundalini Yoga

Vitality. Upgrade . Transformation

Kundalini yoga is a technology that directs energy by using mantra (sound current), breath work, kriyas (sets of postures), meditations, and gong sound healing. It alters the functioning of the brain and body into a positive, vital direction.  


lunar flow

Fluid . Focused . Strength

Bringing movement and breath together with focus and strength. Using your breath to guide the flow of yoga postures. Building mental strength, with visual focal points (drishti) in each posture. And developing deep internal core strength (bandhas) throughout.


yin yoga

Simple . Relaxing . Nurturing

Simple held postures to stretch connective tissue and strengthen the body’s foundation. The longer holds allow you to open up areas of the body that are hard to access in a more active flowing practice: ligaments, joints, bones, and the fascia networks. The stillness is an opportunity to practice mindfulness. It can feel really great to slow down and get into all of these infrequently attended to parts of the body.


jivamukti open

Dynamic . Energetic . Strong

A Jivamukti Open class presents classical yoga teachings as relevant to one's life on and off the mat, drawn from the Focus of the Month essay, supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation. This class is open to all levels, there is something for everyone. 


gentle flow

Smooth . Soft . Fluid

A time to flow and a time to grow.  The class is a combination of smooth, soft, and fluid asana practice (breath and body movement) and mindfulness practice. Find your strength and your softness. 


kids yoga

Healthy . Fun . Movement

Welcoming all kids, ages 5-10, to enjoy yoga! Yoga is an ideal method for teaching children life skills like stress management, self-regulation and confidence. It is a system of mind-body practices for mental, physical and emotional health. Each class includes breathing exercises, yoga postures, mindfulness exercises and guided relaxation; combined with art, song, stories and games. Research shows children’s yoga has a variety of concrete benefits including: increased general optimism and decreased emotional reactivity, increased focus and concentration, enhanced peer-to-peer relationships, improved sleep, reduced stress, and increased flexibility and core strength. This class is a chance for children to stretch and strengthen their bodies, relax their minds and have fun!